About Eddie

Eddie Reese was born and raised in a small redneck town in southern Oregon. He had always been an avid writer. In elementary school, he wrote many best sellers such as: The Halloween Skeleton, My Friend from Outer Space and of course, Kitty kitty, I Love my Kitty. In high school he joined a small theater group and quickly became addicted to performing in front of a live audience. What he loved most was making people laugh. So he decided to dedicate the rest of his life contributing as much laughter to the world as he possibly could. After high school, Eddie moved away from his small southern Oregon town to be someplace where people didn’t say things like, “y’all” when addressing their A.P. English class. He moved to Portland, Oregon and dabbled in stand-up comedy. But, making a room full of drunk people laugh during an open mic night proved to be harder than he thought. Shortly after that someone introduced him to the Internet. One day while perusing the internet for midget porn he stumbled upon a weblog. He found it interesting that people could share their thoughts and ideas so easily and without anyone posting any negative comments whatsoever! < /sarcasm > So he decided to give blogging a try. Now here he is wasting at least two hours a day on something that maybe 15 people will read.


3 Responses to “About Eddie”

  1. hello-i stumbled across your blog and read it all. i’m not into blogs nor do i have any idea of the american education system, but i really enjoyed reading it and was disappointed that you don’t seem to be continuing it.
    i guess you must have got with your hot friend and have better things to do.
    don’t you just love karma

    • Thanks for the compliment! I’m glad you enjoyed my posts. I update very infrequently as things are kind of crazy right now. I’m sure posts will be slightly more regular soon. Thanks again!

  2. yeah i dig your blog too your a clever writer!

    I dont know how much traffic you usually get, but i found your blog from stumbleupon and gave it a thumbs up! hopefully that will help you out.

    I also use wordpress for my blog but i bought a domain, you should check it out.


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